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Our Poly MVA support group consists of patients and family members that have bravely fought against various forms of Cancer and other Degenerative diseases. Many of our members are STAGE IV Cancer Patients who were given little hope of survival by existing conventional treatments.

Other members have a high incidence of Cancer & other degenerative diseases in their families and are using Poly MVA(Lipoic Acid Palladium Complex or LAPd) as a preventative against disease & aging.


What is Poly-MVA?
"Poly-MVA is the world’s first nontoxic “chemotherapy”
agent which does no harm to healthy cells with normal
metabolic function while selectively targeting the
altered metabolism of Cancer Cells and
destroying each anaerobic cell."




Our Poly MVA members' Testimonials tell us of their struggle with various types of cancer and other degenerative diseases along with the positive response they have received from their use of Poly MVA and other support products and protocols. To review these Patient Testimonials, simply click on the BLUE LINKS on the right side of the page --->

70 Month Stage IV Cancer Study
71% Survival Rate

As noted in the Video below as well as Dr. Forsythe's "70 month - 1,000 Patient Stage IV study" (bottom of page), Poly-MVA has been documented to provide statistically significant benefits as a stand alone cancer option. However, even better statistical results were achieved by Dr. Forsythe when Poly-MVA was used in combination with low dose Chemotherapy.


This means Poly-MVA does not have to be an "either or option". Meaning, Poly-MVA is not in competition with Chemotherapy. As a result, some of our Survivors chose to take Poly-MVA as an "adjunct" in an attempt to make their chemotherapy/radiation regime more effective while significantly reducing the toxic sides effects associated with these Conventional Cancer treatments.


However, some of our Stage IV survivors refused chemo/radiation altogether or  had become "Chemo resistant" and used Poly-MVA as a stand alone option after their Conventional treatments had failed.

Protective Effects of Poly-MVA

As noted in the myriad of testimonials found on this site, many of our members detail the protective effects Poly-MVA provided them as they underwent chemo and radiation treatment. In many cases, the patients report increased energy levels, improved appetite and the prevention or significant reduction of hair loss compared to other patients who did not add Poly-MVA to their treatment protocol.



Poly MVA is a nontoxic, powerful antioxidant formula that protects both cellular DNA & RNA. Poly MVA's scientifically designed mechanism of action is to “fix the cell” and control the cancer, rather than “fight the cancer” and poison the system.


This method of cancer treatment has clearly demonstrated safe, antitumoral activity (Independent Lab Tests). Compared to chemotherapy or when taken in combination with chemotherapy, Poly MVA offers an extremely powerful alternative cancer treatment by minimizing the toxic side effects associated with most Conventional Cancer Treatments.


Dr. Merrill Garnett has done substantial graduate work and research in biochemistry and electrochemistry over a period of 40 years. As the lead research scientist at the Garnett McKeen Laboratory, in Stony Brook, New York, Dr. Garnett is the inventor and recipient of multiple U.S. patents for PolyMVA.

















Product Articles

 Poly-MVA Patented
Dietary Supplement

Energy to Get the
Job Done 


World’s first nontoxic Chemotherapy
"We have seen patients go into full remission with aggressive, stage IV cancers and we see continued positive responses in others with previously chemo-resistant cancer. "

Board Certified Oncologist - James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D.


Poly-MVA Research Video

Stage IV Cancer study with 500 patients  - 60% Survival rate after 46 months



TV News Report with Dr. Merrill Garnett -  Oncologist, James Forsythe, MD Interview
40 Years of Scientific Research

For nearly 40 years, Dr. Garnett has probed the secrets of molecular biology and the mysteries of cells, following his revolutionary dream for a safe and effective treatment for cancer. He saw cancer as the failure of cells to regenerate normally in a default mode; instead, cloning itself within the cancer mechanism over and over again. He decided this failure to mature was a problem of energetics in the cell’s metabolic processes.

Dr. Garnett began the lonely search to find a molecular compound that would restore healthy pathways for growth and normal development within the cellpathways missing in the cancer cells. He searched for a metallo-organic compound that would act as a molecular shunt to restore the cell’s healthy energetics.

 20,000 Compounds tested

In 1991 and some 20,000 compounds later, Dr. Garnett discovered that palladium combined with lipoic acid, B-12 and thiamine created an extremely useful and safe cellular nutrient. Subsequent tests have proved that Poly-MVA is a safe and effective antitumoral agent. (see page(Independent Lab Tests)

In 1995, Dr. Garnett patented this nontoxic chemo-therapeutic agent which
selectively targets and destroys anaerobic malignant cells as well as various anaerobic protozoa, yeasts and bacteria. This compound was named POLYDOX (U.S. trials) or Poly-MVA (Canada and Mexico) or LAPd by some researchers. The MVA stands for minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, and LAPd is Lipoic Acid/palladium complex.

When lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant with many biological functions, is connected to an electrically charged metal substrate, and joined with various B vitamins, the resulting complex becomes totally
soluble in both water and fat. It can easily and safely travel throughout the body and into every cell, crossing the blood-brain barrier as well. Therefore, performing that journey across the blood-brain barrier (which is impossible for most drugs, including chemotherapy) makes Poly MVA excellent in cases where no other remedies are possible.



For Doctors and Patients

Oncologist touts the benefits of Poly-MVA(LAPd)


James Forsythe, MD, HMD

Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, NV


"The long-term positive impact I have seen in our clinic is quite astounding. Since 2004, we've performed 3 outcome studies in over 1700 patients with Poly-MVA(LAPd).


Poly-MVA provides a significant difference as a stand-alone or Integrative Protocol and also continues to show outstanding impact for each patient's success & overall health."

Stage IV Study -  1,000 Patients

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