Lymphoma Linked to consumption of Trans Fats

Trans Fat is one molecule away from Plastic.

Trans Fat is a dangerous, artificial compound, much more harmful than saturated fat.There are two forms of Trans Fat – natural and artificial.


1 Function of the Lymphatic System:

Transport of lipid (fat). The lymphatic system is important in the absorption of fat from the small intestine. Dietary fat products are packaged by the lining of the small intestine into particles which are too large to gain entry into capillaries, but these particles can easily access the lymphatics via lacteals which are lymph capillaries in the villi of the small intestine.

Fat Absorption
Am. J. Clinical Nutrition, Nov 1958; 6: 606 - 608.

“Chaikoff and his collaborators 2, 3,.4 however,
found that in whatever forum fed,
the longer
chain fatty acids appeared almost exclusively in
the lymph,
while those with less than 12 carbon
atoms appeared to a greater extent in the portal vein.”

“Since most of the fatty acids of the diet are
of the 16 to iS-carbon chain variety,
it can be
expected that the products of fat digestion will
appear largely in the lymph.”

End of Published Article

Comment on Published Article:
Trans Fats are released into the lymph system along with other byproducts of fat digestion where they circulate throughout the entire body via the lymph system.

Based on Published research,
Lymphomas may be caused by an immune response to trans fats which are circulating in the lymph system per the report above.

IF trans fats become regarded as a foreign invader
by the immune system,
B-Cells or T-Cells will attack the foreign invader.

Due to this constant toxic immune response, B lymphocytes (B cells) and T lymphocytes (T cells) can develop into lymphoma cells. B-cell lymphomas are much more common than T-cell lymphomas.

Current research states the following:
Lymphomas first start from errors that occur in the DNA of lymphocytes.

The statement above is false due to the fact that
they have not mentioned what caused the DNA errors:

majority of cancers are a result of an intense immune response that
occurs for an extended period of time which results in DNA errors.

In Lymphoma patients, the entire lymphatic system can be subjected to an intense long lasting immune response that will continue until:

the immune response is suppressed
the causative agent is removed.

Cervical cancer is linked to the
Human papillomavirus (HPV).
Women are tested regularly with Pap Smear tests.

Because if this Virus is present, the woman is at risk for developing Cervical Cancer.

However, it is not the virus that
causes the damage to the cervix!

The damage is caused by the constant attack CAUSED by the immune system attempting to rid the body of the virus.


In simple terms, the cause of these cancers could very well be due to COLLATERAL DAMAGE. Our immune system releases toxic substances which act very much like TOXIC CHEMOTHERAPY in order to kill viruses, bacteria and other foreign invaders etc. The surrounding cells are victims of this immune response.

If these healthy cells continue to
be exposed to this constant LONG TERM attack,

DNA ERRORS OCCUR which leads to cancer.

Normalize the immune response( i.e High Dose Vitamin D/ Calcium) while attempting to eliminate the substance that is causing the immune response in the first place. (i.e. Eliminate Trans Fats from your diet.)

MORE RESEARCH about the Dangers of Trans Fats

Lymphoma rates are rising, and researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have found one possible culprit – high intakes of Trans Fat. In a study of 88,410 women, those who ate about 5.7g/day of Trans Fat had twice the risk of developing lymphoma as those who ate about 2.4 g/day.

“Cutting out Trans Fat may be one of the best ways to avoid lymphoma,”concluded researcher Shumin Zhang, MD.

Trans Fat is one molecule away from Plastic.

Trans Fat is a dangerous, artificial compound, much more harmful than saturated fat.
There are two forms of Trans Fat – natural and artificial.

The first form is found at very low levels in dairy and
meats and it’s not a health concern.

The artificial form is in
hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

This form of
Trans Fat is created by hydrogenation – bubbling hydrogen gas through heated oil. This distorts some of the molecules to the point where they are one molecule away from the molecular structure of plastic.


If you think it's just in McDonald's fries, read on: artificial Trans Fat is prevalent in everyday foods. It is in more than 40% of grocery store products, and in nearly every fast-food, quick-casual, and casual restaurant. Many food preparers use it because it gives foods a longer shelf life and is cheaper than natural vegetable oil.

Wondering about a
Burger King chicken sandwich?
Yup – it's in there. But how about a sandwich at
Or a muffin at
Starbucks? It is in all of these popular products.

Since all types of fat have 9 calories per gram, you might be skeptical that artificial Trans Fat could cause more weight gain than natural fat. But it does.
Trans Fat molecules alter the membranes of cells, making them resistant to insulin. When you have resistance to insulin, you have weight gain and possibly obesity. Natural fat does not affect cells’ interaction with insulin.

Most people know that saturated fat can clog arteries and lead to heart disease. What most people don’t know is that
Trans Fat not only clogs arteries in the same way as saturated fat, it also stiffens the membranes of blood vessels, reducing cardiovascular efficiency by approximately 30%.

In the ongoing Nurses' Health Study of 80,000 women, conducted by Harvard Medical School and the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Massachusetts, for each 2 percent increase in the amount of calories from Trans Fat, a woman's coronary risk jumps by 93 percent.

Insist on buying a brand without Trans Fat
If the label contains the words hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, or shortening, don’t buy the product.

As of 2004, Trans Fats were found
at the following locations.

Burger King
Domino’s Pizza
Krispy Kreme
Long John Silvers
Macaroni Grill

Olive Garden
Red Lobster
Taco Bell
TGI Fridays


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