Name: Claire Fenedick

Subject: Breast Cancer

Date: August 22, 2001




Dear Gary and Tim:

I am very happy to provide you with the following testimonial for Poly MVA. I hope it helps other women to be courageous and try Poly MVA.

Claire Fenedick
6551 Shoreline Drive
Unit 6406
St. Petersburg, Fl. 33708

In April 1998,
my bout with breast cancer began when a pea size lump was detected during a yearly mammogram, so deep in my left breast that I did not feel it. The biopsy showed it was malignant. Within a month between detection and a lumpectomy, it grew to 3/4 of an inch. A lumpectomy and removal of 15 lymph nodes was performed at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pa. followed by four treatments of Adriamicin and Cytocin and 33 radiation treatments.

Two of the lymph nodes were positive. I lost my hair and was very sick from the side effects of the chemo. In Jan 1999 tumor marker tests and a mammogram showed no sign of cancer. Then in May 1999, I found a hard lump the size of a marble on my left side next to the surgery incision. It was there overnight. A biopsy showed the cancer had returned and it was more aggressive. I had a mastectomy in June 1999.

In the meantime my husband was already retired and we had been making plans for me to take early retirement and move from Northeast Pa to Fla to be closer to our daughter. We sold our home and moved to Tampa Bay in July 1999. I endured five treatments of Taxotere at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.
I again lost my hair, which had just started growing in and I had every side effect possible. I felt like I was going to die. I finished the treatments in Dec 1999 and was in remission for a year.

I was having checkups every four months and in Dec 2000 the tumor marker test was elevated to 39. Not too high but with my history it was enough to have my oncologist order a ct and bone scans.
The bone scan was clean but the ct showed a primary tumor the size of a ping-pong ball in the upper left quadrant of my right lung with an involved lymph node next to the aorta artery. Surgery was out of the question. My tumor marker test was 46.

A biopsy confirmed that the tumor was metastasized from the breast. In Jan. 2001 I began a weekly treatment of Navelbine and Herceptin, changed our diet to a mostly vegetarian one, used only organic dairy products, started taking Flax Oil and Essiac Tea and in April 2001 the tumor reduced 50% and the tumor marker test was at 43. We were elated.

Then on May 29, 2001
another ct showed the tumor started to grow and was now the size of a golf ball, the lymph node next to the aorta was swollen, and the tumor marker was now at 59. I couldn't believe it. My oncologist changed my treatment plan to xeloda, a chemo pill I take two weeks on and one week off. I have been having a lot of hand /foot syndrome side effects from this drug.

My niece, Bernadette, had been doing research on alternative treatments for me and she encouraged me to look into Poly MVA.
I began taking Poly MVA the last week of June.

On Aug 6th.
six weeks later, I had another ct with amazing results. The tumor has disappeared, the lymph node is back to normal size and my tumor marker test is down to 23.8. My oncologists are amazed because while they have had much success with xeloda it hasn't equaled my results. I am not brave enough to stop either the xeloda or the Poly MVA to see which one is more effective. I am willing to believe my good news is a combination of Poly MVA, xeloda, change of diet and all the prayers my family and friends have said for me. In the time I have been taking Poly MVA, I feel better than I have ever felt, even before I was diagnosed. I started working at a new job and have more pep and energy. My family and coworkers have noticed a big difference in my energy level and attitude. I have a more positive outlook and feel so alive. I truly believe Poly MVA has made a dramatic difference in my life.

Thank you Dr. Sanchez for making Poly MVA available and thanks to you, Gary and Tim, for being there whenever I have questions. I also thank my niece for giving me the courage to try something different. I will continue to take Poly MVA and also xeloda. I will be having ct scans every six weeks or so for the next few months and will keep you all posted on how I am doing.

God bless you.

Claire Fenedick


Hi Gary and Tim,

I had a
ct scan and tumor marker done last week and received good news today from my oncologist. My tumor marker is down to 16.8 (it was 22 in Nov). The tumor (what is left of it) is stable. Based on the report from the radiologist, it is her professional opinion that the tumor is virtually not there. She feels the remainder that is there has dead cells in it and may just stay there indefinitely. I will continue taking the Xeloda until I see her again March 14. If the tumor marker stays at 16.8 or goes lower, I can stop taking the Xeloda. Hurrah! Of course I will still continue with the poly. What a life saver it has been for me.

Please add this update of good news to my survivor letter. I will send you an update in March. Thank you again for always being there. God bless you both.

Claire Fenedick

UPDATE- May 31, 2002


I had a ct scan and tumor marker done last week and received the results today. The tumor marker is 17 - it was 16.5 in March - so it is staying in the normal range. The ct
scan is the same as the January results. The tumor sac is still there but very minute. My oncologist says the sac may never go away completely but she does not think there are any live cancer cells in it based on my markers. The CA27-29 marker has been a good indicator for me as to how I am doing. I have been off Xeloda for 2 1/2 months now and still doing well. So I am very pleased. I will have another scan and markers in August. I will keep you updated.

I hope all is well with you. Please greet your Dad for me.


UPDATE-January 29, 2003

Here are the latest updates since my last update in May 2002. I had a ct scan and tumor markers in August 2002.
The ct scan remains stable - same as it has been for the past year. The CA 27-29 marker was down to 11.8 - it was 17 in May. The CEA was stable at .5. In Nov 2002, I had another ct scan and markers. The ct scan again remained the same - no change. The CA 27-29 was elevated to 30.6 and the CEA to 2.0.

I was very concerned even though the scan was still ok. Tumor markers always show something going on with me. In July I started seeing a nutritionist and was taking a lot of supplements and also detoxing. When the markers spiked in Nov, I started looking at the supplements I was taking and realized the total of Vitamin E combined in all the supplements was well over 1000 IU's. I remembered reading that you should not take more than 400 IU's in a day when taking the Poly. This may not have been the cause of the spike in the markers but I stopped all supplements except the detox.
I also increased the Poly to 4 teaspoons a day (I was only taking 1 teaspoon).

In late Dec when I ordered my next Poly, I spoke to Gary and he recommended I look at taking
Coral Calcium, Liver Support, Q-Gel and Transfer Factor Plus. I added these four supplements to my daily regime in late Dec and am continuing with them. In late Dec I spoke to another Poly MVA user, Greg Sourvelis, who told me of a doctor in my area now on the Poly MVA physician's list. I started seeing Dr. Ray Wunderlich, M.D. here in St. Petersburg. I thought it was a good idea to see someone familiar with the product and also see what other recommendations he would have.

I am very impressed with Dr. Wunderlich. He has done a host of tests on me. I am awaiting the results and should have them this week. He encouraged me to continue with the poly and the supplements I added. In addition he added DIM and Vascuzme. He also advised taking coffee enemas, adding more exercise to my daily routine, green juicing and changing my diet more than I already have done. I am now eating mostly fish, shellfish, lots of vegetables and low sugar fruits, and sprouted bread.

After three weeks of making all these changes, I had another ct scan and tumor markers on Jan 14th.
The ct scan remains the same - no change from a year and a half ago. My CA 27-29 was down from 30.6 to 15.8 and the Cea down from 2.0 to <.5.

I feel great and am very happy with the results. I plan to continue on this new daily regime. Dr. Wunderlich told me the Poly is a wonderful product but it cannot be viewed as the magic cure if you do not make the necessary lifestyle changes to help it. I truly believe he is right. Taking the Poly was my first step to recovery but I needed to help myself with a commitment to lifestyle changes. I will see my oncologist in April at which time I will have markers done but no ct scan. I will let you know how I am doing at that time.


UPDATE- June 1, 2004
Last update for me was in January of 2003. Since then I have been doing very well. I see my oncologist every three months for a check up and to have my tumor markers taken.
For all of 2003 my markers, the CA 27-29, have been holding steady between 15.3 and 17. This year my insurance company has requested the marker be changed from the CA 27-29 to the 15-3. I understand they are very similar but the normal range is slightly different with the 15-3 giving a broader range. In January the reading was 22.3 and in March 17.3. I also had a ct scan of the thorax and adrenals in April. It had been 15 months since my last scan. The results were the same as the last scan in Jan of 2003 which means the results have been holding steady since October of 2001. I think that is phenomenal. Two small sacs still show at the same size (which were miniscule since Oct 2001) and everything else is exactly the same. My oncologist still feels the sacs have dead cancer cells in them and may never go away. I was elated with the results. I feel great, continue to take the Poly MVA at maintenance dosage, and take all the supplements recommended.

In February I found a new doctor who is a DO and uses the holistic approach to healing. She is in agreement with all the changes I have made over the last three years and encourages me to keep on making changes in my lifestyle for the better.
She is monitoring the supplements I am taking and encourages me to continue taking the supplements I receive through Amarc as they are of excellent quality. I am now seeing her every two to three months and finally feel I have a doctor in addition to my oncologist to help me maintain my remission status.

My next oncology appointment is in July. I will keep you posted.

Claire Fenedick

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