Olivia de Haulleville

Subject: Breast Cancer-Stage 2

Date: February 2, 2002



Olivia's Testimonial

February 2, 2002
My Stage 2 breast cancer was discovered in the Spring of 1999,
after a biopsy revealed two estrogen-receptive DCIS growths in my left breast, one the size of a pea. Radical mastectomy was immediately recommended. Several "second opinions" also recommended that I should have the ‘offending breast’ totally removed, including the lymph node which would determine whether chemotherapy and / or radiation would be needed. I was also prescribed Tamoxifen.

However, I refused all of these options. I immediately changed my diet to eliminate all estrogen foods, i.e. milk & meat products which have received hormone additives; I stayed clear of the microwaves, increased my already mostly Asian diet of seaweed, mushrooms and tofu, and took larger doses of vitamins and supplements.

Being a Holistic Practioner myself, (i.e. Clinical Hypnotherapist) I realized the importance of an integrative approach. My original doctor, Yeshi Dhonden (previous doctor to H.H. The Dalai Lama) supplied me with Tibetan herbal pills, but since I failed to establish a good connection between Tibetan and Western medicine, I decided to forego this initial treatment after my supply was exhausted.

Shortly after,
I was lucky enough to be present at a lecture by Albert Sanchez on Poly-MVA. I was so impressed by this man that I failed to take notice of the extensive testimonials he offered on this product. I decided instead to purchase Dr. M. Garnett’s personal journal: First Pulse. I read this book with fascination! Being dedicated to a natural way of life, I was able to discern the power in this substance immediately and immediately had it checked out by my Tibetan doctor who gave me the go ahead.

In July 1999, in order to convince me of the urgency of a mastectomy,
my Oncologist requested another mammogram. In fact, the mammogram was done twice… but still could show no suspicious results! My Oncologist seemed nonplussed. He asked me what I proposed to do next; without hesitation I answered: "Continue the Poly-MVA.

UPDATE: 1-27-2004

In 2001, during the course of my follow-ups, I asked my doctor about Thermography since I was not fond of mammograms. I was told that it was not available and ultrasound was recommended. In July 2002 the ultrasound proved "suspicious" and a biopsy revealed malignancy (although the mammogram had showed results as benign!)

Once again, my Oncologist recommended lumpectomy, if not mastectomy. I asked for an
MRI which then showed suspicion in BOTH breasts! Meanwhile, I started on a loading dose of Poly and after 3 months requested another ultrasound. "Not possible," the doctor exclaimed: "Why should we do that? We KNOW you have cancer."

But I was not convinced and searched out a location where Thermography was available. This is a non-invasive technique, fully approved by the FDA (although NOT reimbursable by HMO's) whereby an infra-red photo is made in a cold room highlighting any areas not affected by the drop in temperature. (i.e. thermo = heat). I understand that this method of diagnosis is 70% accurate with the first result and is 90% accurate with the second.

In September 2003 both these results showed NO abnormality in EITHER breast. I called my Oncologist to explain why I was putting off the operation and asked if she would look at these test results. Upon seeing them she said: "Dear, I cannot trust these results since we KNOW you have cancer." Meanwhile, I continue to feel fine & continue sipping my PolyMVA.

Best to all,



UPDATE: March 16, 2007

Even though I had been taking the Poly-MVA for several years, I had been unable to earn me the
"cancer free' credential from any Oncologist… maybe because I was not taking large enough dose.

However, at this time I have finally been declared
"cancer free" by the medical establishment

Why? Because I underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy in 2005. Why? Because I desperately needed both hips replaced. Why? Because my Orthopedic Surgeon refused to perform this operation unless I got a mastectomy FIRST. So, being in unbearable pain, I agreed. (The mastectomy operation, however, was more debilitating than I had anticipated… but the hip surgery much easier!)

When the Oncologist notified me regarding the analysis of the malignancy, he exclaimed
"Oh, your cancer was more aggressive than I had believed!" But he never questioned the fact that I had survived comfortably 5 years with no metastis. He continues to urge me to follow up with Femara, etc. but I just continue sipping my Poly-MVA…. and SMILING!

God Bless All Survivors -


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