June Black

1st Diagnosed: Stage 1 November 2000

2nd Diagnosis Date: Stage 4 in 2005

Diagnosis: Late Stage Breast Cancer


June in Hawaii


I am writing this to let people know that when you are diagnosed with cancer there are options. It takes time to sort through all the variables and treatments and outcomes and statistics that are given to you by your healthcare providers. However, the providers do not help you recognize that cancer is a life altering experience. This is your wake-up call.

There are a lot of variables on the causes of cancer and these are numerous.

Here is my story:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer late 2000. I was numb and went through the motions. I originally went for a breast reduction and was sent for a mammogram. The nightmare started. There were two lumps and they were extremely small so then we had an ultrasound. The ultrasound could not give a definite diagnosis. The next step was aspiration. I said nope, I am having a breast reduction and if there is anything there they can take it out. Little did I know that the medical protocol has an entirely different approach.

I was then sent back to get a stereotactic biopsy and
the pathology report said positive for ductual carcinoma. Now a surgeon becomes involved, oncologist, and plastic surgeon. You run from one appointment to another and the stress takes its toll and you do not even have time to sort out what is happening. You are now a statistic and you are dancing to the tune of the medical establishment.

I had the mastectomy, no radiation or chemotherapy and was put on Tamoxifen. I had a terrible reaction to the Tamoxifen and flushed it down the toilet. I then decided I had enough.

I had an oncologist that was a controller and she was quite upset that I refused further adjuvant hormone therapy and was sending me again for another full body CT Scan. I told her I just had one 3 months ago and it is a lot of radiation. She walked out of the office and the nurse brought in the prescription for the CT Scan. I never went back.

I got another oncologist and this one does not return phone calls when I was asking about results of a chest X-Ray. Took 6 weeks to find out from some office clerk that it was ok and she could not explain this fancy word and said it was just what the pathologist said. I asked to speak to the doctor and two weeks later still no phone call. I was not too impressed. I am now on oncologist number three and not too sure about this one but went along with the program of just being monitored. I went every three months and then every six months for bloodwork and mammograms. So far so good.

By 2005 I was beginning to see a lump forming by the mastectomy scar line. I went to a surgeon and said I needed a biopsy. He felt it was ok and I did not. I was scheduled for an excisional biopsy.
The pathology report came back positive for carcinoma. I was upset and could not figure out how cancer could come back on the same site when I had a mastectomy.

I went on line and did a lot of research and did find that sometimes cells drop off during a stereotactic biopsy and cancer can grow back. However, this is a very rare occurrence.

The past five years I did a lot of research on cancer and bought a lot of books on healing and changing your lifestyle and diets. I read up on a lot of people that cured themselves through natural and holistic methods. I changed my diet quite a bit and then slacked off but pretty much stayed with lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I did some meditation and some yoga but working a full time job was quite difficult to maintain a really healthy lifestyle.
I knew then that when you are diagnosed with cancer, you have to be very vigilant with your life and maintaining an equitable balance. I worked too many hours to be able to devote much time to healing myself and maintaining a quality healthy lifestyle.

I go to oncologist number three and he did not even have the courtesy to tell me the pathology report, the first words out of his mouth was
“I recommend the whole gamut; chemo, radiation and adjuvant hormone therapy.” My answer took a leap of faith “No!”

He said
“This is your last chance, June!”

I said “ I am sixty years old, I have lived a good life, and I have other plans.”

He said
“Do you know what dying cancer patients are like? They stink!”

I was pretty upset and then he said he will schedule a CT then changed his mind and said no, a PET Scan. I said ok we can do that but this is what he should have said in the first place.
He screamed at me and said he was the doctor. I was pretty upset when I left.

I called the surgeon and said I cannot go back to this man anymore and wanted to cancel the PET Scan. The surgeon said do the scan and we will find another oncologist.

The PET Scan showed negative for further cancers but then it is not sensitive enough to pick up cells, just clusters. The surgeon knew what he was dealing with. I had two subsequent surgeries and the first of the two margins were not clear.
I had to go back again and margins were clear but there were two more hot spots which meant the cancer was spreading and now is multifocal.

Oncologist number four said you have to have chemo and radiation and adjuvant hormone therapy. I then said no I will go natural. He was quite upset and felt that he could do no more for me. In essence I was fired. I went back to the surgeon and he said he will monitor me and I went against his advice also but he respected my decision. I asked him what happens when patients refuse further treatment, he said some survive and others go on to die. He did not try to force me into anymore treatments but respected my decision. This was in August of 2005.

By the end of September after spending a month of a very strict diet and enough vitamins and supplements to fill a small shop I realized I was losing the war against this cancer. I was losing weight, I had sweats, I was really weak and it was so bad that I thought death would be a wonderful alternative to the hell I was going through. I was white and had no color and my clothes were really getting loose.

I made an appointment with a homeopathic practitioner who is also a doctor and it took almost two months to get in to see him. The day finally arrived and I sat there while he went through all the reports.
He said we know you have cancer, we just don’t know where it has gone and what stage you are now.

June and Soki kickin' it on the lanai

He then proceeded to tell me about some new supplements that are out there and told me of his father-in-law. His father-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer and was pretty much told to get his affairs in order.
The father-in-law did a lot of research and came onto information about Poly-MVA. He started taking this at 14 teaspoons a day along with a very strict diet and lots of other supplements. Of course the doctor felt that his father-in-law was wasting his money.

After four and a half months a liver scan was done and the tumor was shrinking and the gentleman was feeling much better. A year later there was no evidence of cancer. However, he is taking 2 teaspoons a day of Poly-MVA for life. This goes to show that someone actually won this battle.

I felt like a lifeline had been thrown at me.
I was put on Poly-MVA loading dose that was to span six months to a year and many other supplements and of course diet.

Insurance does not cover the office visit or any of these supplements. The money was well spent as far as I was concerned. The next day I slept very late as I was very fatigued and
started my first 2 teaspoons of Poly. I took another at 4pm. I took another 2 teaspoons at 8pm and really felt fatigued and my brain was washed out and I could not even function or think.

The next day I went to work and looked so bad that I was asked if I could work that day. I had to work, who could support this expensive regime I started. I had no choice. Sunday is day three and I was still exhausted but went into work.

By 2pm I felt a shift. I knew something was different and I could not figure it out. I then realize the fevers and sweats were diminishing and my body had calmed down.

It was strange as the body that is fighting cancer is really fighting and that is probably the cause of this fatigue also. The calming of the physical being was phenomenal as you have to be at a very bad state to realize what true homeostasis really is.

Monday, I had enough energy that I was bouncing off the walls.
I had a mystical experience that day.

I was at work and walking to the shed to get sheets for my room when I felt this shimmery feeling overcome me.
I stopped to experience this feeling and I felt a sense of peace, love, and I cannot describe the ecstasy I felt, it was beyond words. I then knew that I was going to be ok.

This was six months ago and I am still on the loading dose. I still have some ups and downs and I still tire easily.
I also realize that I was seriously ill six months ago and was in total denial. I am still healing and I still need a lot of rest and need to reduce the stress in my life. A lot of people do not realize that the healing path is a long road and recovery is slow. Also faith in the process is a powerful tool on the road to recovery.

I will be having a PET Scan soon and I know in my heart it will show nothing. I also know that I will have to be vigilant and strict about my health and lifestyle. Staying healthy is a fulltime, lifetime job.

I attribute a lot of my healing to a wonderful surgeon that allowed me faith in my choice and encouraged me. I attribute the powerful dynamic of healing choices to a wonderful homeopathic physician that guided me and still guides me.
I also thank many of my supporters and my family for their loving support and watching the magnificent experience of my healing take place.

I also give first and foremost Poly-MVA the catalyst of dynamically supplementing my body with a tool that helped me with the fight against cancer.

I never say
"my cancer" if the reader has noticed, it is not mine, it was not welcome in the first place and never will be. I feel that cancer should not be acknowledged as yours, it is a wake up call to let you know that major changes need to be made in your life. You can choose to heal or you can choose the everlasting comforts of death.

I chose quality of life. I chose to heal myself and not compromise my body with powerful chemicals to destroy cancer and compromise my physical being. I chose a lonely scary road that many have traveled and survived and wrote to live and tell about it, but never met one face to face. I had to rely on faith.

June Black

UPDATE: March 23, 2007


First Diagnosed with breast cancer November of 2000. Modified radical Mastectomy was done Dec. 1, 2000.

The cancer was Stage 1 .9cc no lymph node involvement ER/PR+

I did no chemo/rad but tried the tamoxifen and after 10 days pitched the rest of it down the toilet. My system is way too sensitive for chemicals. I had a terrible reaction and the worse of it was my thought processes were not working and I could not communicate or relate to the world around me.

Reoccurred May of 2005. Found a lump along the mastectomy scar line. Margins were not clear. Two subsequent surgeries July 23 margins not clear and August 25th margins clear but a second random site sample indicated the cancer had spread and the cancer had gone into the chest muscle.

A possible involvement of lung mets from chest x-rays done in 2003 that was not diagnosed at the time,just nodules to be watched for changes. A chest x-ray taken June of 2006 showed no nodules. This is after taking Poly for 6 1/2 months. So the supposition was that there were lung mets, no one did any further testing.

After the three surgeries of 2005 I refused further surgery, and an abolute refusal to have radiation, chemotherapy and adjuvant hormone therapy, I told the surgeon I had enough. I will find a way. This was in September of 2005. Staging was not done as I refused further tests and no complementary therapies. Prognosis was extremely poor and given at most a year to live.

I started taking Poly on October 21, 0f 2005. In June of 2006, I had PET Scan, CAT Scan, Brain MRI with and w/o contrast and bloodwork. No sign of cancer. I had some weight gain, more energy and color.

I took the Poly at the beginning 8 teaspoons a day for 6 1/2 months. I then went to 6 teaspoons a day for about 2 months and since then I have been taking 4 teaspoons a day. I also take COQ10 with the Poly, along with Artemisinin,pancreatic enzymes and IP6. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I am taking. I also take different mushrooms, Epicor, Lugol's Iodine, DIM, Calcium-d-Glucarate. If anyone is interested in my complete list please feel free to contact me.

This list is way to long for my long testimonial. I also eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies. My diet is not of the best, but I do not eat beef, very little chicken, and love seafood.
I just had my 62nd birthday March 1, 2007 in Hawaii and gained more weight and feel fantastic. As of now, no signs of illness.
I have excellent health and work full time and care for 11 cats.

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