Judith Foester

Diagnosed: January 6, 2006

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer with Renal Cell Carcinoma


"Two hours of breast surgery and a complete body reconstruction!" - Judith

Judith's Testimonial

On my birthday, January 6, 2006, I went for a routine mammogram that was far from routine. A spiculated mass, 2 cm in diameter was found by ultrasound after the mammogram.
Dr. Alison Estabrook, best breast surgeon in the world, did the fine needle aspiration, found the tissue cancerous, and did a lumpectomy on January 26, 2006. When the lump was found, I used Efudex (skin cancer cream) on it. I killed the main blood vessels in and out of the cancer in two days. Then I rubbed it into the spiculated portion of the cancer and got rid of all those blood vessels in another two days. By the time they removed the cancer, two weeks later, 20% of it was necrotic in the center due to loss of blood supply.

My husband and I left for a two week cruise in South America to Argentina and Chile and
I started cancer "treatment" at Memorial Sloan Kettering on March 15th. Since I refused chemotherapy ( I think it is barbaric and far too destructive), the hospital did a body-wide search for additional cancer. They found a renal cell carcinoma, 1.7 cm, on the outer curve of the left kidney.

I had suspected a cancer when I had shingles four times in 1996.
I had a full body CT scan and they found a 5 mm. lesion on the left kidney (soft lesion). To be sure, I had the test repeated in 2002 and they found NOTHING. Now, four years later, they find a large renal cell carcinoma. My radiation oncologist at MSK was Durgesh Hajela. Her fellow doctor, Karen Schupak, ordered the technicians to force the bones of my shoulder into an untenable position for radiotherapy that caused permanent nerve damage in my shoulder. Two more times, they repeated this process. My whole 220 pound body levitated off the table as if jolted by defibrillator paddles. My arm flew in painful jerks in every direction as the nerve remained caught between the bones. I told them and they agreed, that I could not endure such treatment.

I tried to find an alternative. The Cancer Treatment Center in Philadelphia offered mammotome therapy (balloon inserted and isotope placed in balloon twice a day) but my insurance would not pay enough of the cost.

St. Barnabas Hospital offered mammosite therapy but Alison Grann, radiation oncologist, said the protocol was very strict and it had been too long since my surgery.
Scar tissue had already filled in the space where the tissue had been removed.

Then I turned to Roosevelt Hospital and Dr. Andrew Evans was creative enough to find a positioning system to treat the now-returning tumor. He eliminated the foam support under the neck and shoulder and put a wing on the table for my right arm. They taped as much of the arm out of the field, as possible. He expected my arm to be badly burned, even with this positioning.
I had to drive two hours each way, to New York City, for the radiation and spend another two hours there. This facility is located at 1000 Tenth Avenue, New York City, NY. I had 33 treatments regular and 7 treatments of 'boost', with electron beams.

As soon as I was diagnosed, I began a cancer diet and went on the Mannatech System, with daily
Ambrotose, Manna-Cleanse, ImmunoStart, omega3 supplements, no white sugar or flour, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

My Polymva arrived just in time for the first radiation treatment, on Thursday, June 8th. I have increased from a once-a-day dose of 1 teaspoon to a twice a day dose of 4 teaspoons. I take each teaspoon with 15 drops of Liqu-Sorb CoQ10. I also take Vitamin B 50 mg; calcium gluconate 600 mg. calcium, with 200 iu. Vitamin D2 twice a day; L-carnitine 500 mg.; Mannatech GI Pro; Plus (amino acids); and Arthrosoothe (turmeric) from PNE. I use Xylitol as the sweetener if I have a recipe that needs one. I also take a multi- vitamin and 1000 mg. of Vitamin C; Vitamin E with selenium food complex 50 iu.; zinc gluconate 50 mg., chromium piccolinate 0.1 mg, Vitamin B12 .1 mg., three tablets of potassium gluconate, one with each meal, 90 mg. potassium; one DHA from Norwegian fish oils, 500 mg; CoQ10, one 100 mg., with lunch. Recently I added Epicor, DIM, serrapeptase (a fibrin digester) and artemisinin (at first I took one a day but recently the Poly site has recommended nine a day). I just added Vitamin D3 to the regimen, starting at one 1,000 iu capsule a day. I would love to liberate the calcium in all the strange calcifications of the breast and other organs.

We had a gasoline spill near our house in 1991 and I had always wondered if that were the culprit for the cancers. We just had our well water tested and it had no trace of any volatile organic hydrocarbons.

The breast tumor arose from a patch of scar tissue left by the removal of a mole (with hair) when I was fifteen years old--1957. Dr. Fleishmann, my pharmacology advisor at Roosevelt Hospital says I probably did not have to have the kidney cancer treated at all. I saw Aaron Katz at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital about having it cryo-ablated. The surgery was successfully completed, with Jaime Landman as chief surgeon, on August 4th, 2006. Dr. Nader Fahimi met with me again on September 18th and my shoulder reconstruction was scheduled for October 12th, 2006.

I saw Dr. Johnson again on July 14th, August 8th and October 3, and once a month since then.
I saw Dr. Estabrook again on July 7th (she said all looked well and scheduled my next mammo for January 8th, 2007). My follow-up visit with Dr. Evans was on September 12th and December 10th. He said all looked well.

On January 8th they took NINE films of the right breast. I was furious because this is alpha radiation that they use and very highly ionizing. I told them they missed seeing the tumor altogether for three years and NOW, with the tumor removed, they take NINE films. Each alpha particle strips two electrons from the cell tissue and is highly damaging to DNA. Sure enough, after a couple of weeks, I noticed proliferation of the cells that had remained after the surgery. I upped my Poly dose to 20 tsp. a day for a week, added nine artemisinins per day and used the skin cancer cream again for two weeks. I think I clobbered it nicely and it is in its death throes (again).

The breast surgeon again pronounced the breast fine, perfect, beautiful
. The radiation oncologist was visited on March 13th, 2007 and he said my efforts appeared successful and could find nothing remaining from the latest proliferation. And that's all she (I) wrote!

Judy Foester
Age 65

UPDATE: June 28, 2010

Greetings all. What a blessing this group has been.
From you I learned about the proper 50,000 international units of Vitamin D3 that I should take per week. My mammograms used to show very dense fibrocystic tissue. It was like trying to look through 'old ice' on the surface of a lake. After taking the proper Vitamin D3 and adding iodine (through organic kelp), the view is now as though through 'black ice' (no fishes visible beneath MY ice, however). From you I learned to take my vitamin C and glutathione in the middle of the night on an empty stomach. That is when I take my thyroid medication, too. I learned about artemesinin through you. My cancer would flare up every three months and that's when I took artemesinin for 10 days. (Don't take it continuously though, because it is neurotoxic). Luckily for me, the Beta arthemeter was available when I needed it from Arrowhead Lake Health Works and it beat down my flare-ups.

Hearing about breakthroughs from all over the world, (like Australian brushwood) having prayers from Janice, June, Cyndi & Jim, Mervyn, Ronnie, Caroline, Sam, B'Lynn, Angela, Marylin and Emily makes me ashamed that I was ever content to be 'blissfully ignorant' about cancer.
With us, every thought and breath is to BEAT it. Poly and you....Perfect together. You all have given me not just hope but confidence. Any newbies out there....this stuff works! It stuns me that doctors and cancer patients can pass by this opportunity.

The recent news from China states that every new car produced there will have a catalytic converter made of Palladium. The Chinese are trying to corner the market on Palladium. It is cheaper than Platinum (but not very plentiful). I hope that Amarc takes this situation into consideration for its future production of Polymva.

Love, Judy Foester

Update 11/12/2012
I had learned about PMVA originally from the Susan Lark newsletter from my sister's friends who are both doctors.  To back track, I had been diagnosed  with breast cancer in 2006. I had a lumpectomy, radiation. I aslo had kidney/renal cell carcinoma which was unaffected by PMVA. In 2012 I had two large and deep skin cancers on my right thigh.

I used Efudex on the surface and PMVA. Within about 2 weeks the cancer lesions on my leg were about gone. in fall of 2012, a large patch of skin
(4 sq. inches)on my left jaw suddenly turned to mush. I said to myself "uh oh! It;s a stage of basal cell carcinoma." I then headed right to the bottle of PMVA. I didn't want to use Efudex or it would leave a large purple/red reaction area for a long time. Three weeks into PMVA there is only a low un-inflamed scab left. Hooray! PMVA wins another one for me.

There's nothing like it. I feel so blessed to have it available. (I had a similar lesion removed in 2001 by MOHS surgery in 200. You feel like they are mining for gold, from the surface down to the bone or cartilidge base.

My neighbor was called back in  and they opened the stitches and "mined" some more, Yuck!) My current PMVA dose is 2 tsps a day with 15 drops of
LiqCoq10 at breakfast. I truly believe that PMVA has contributed to my health and recovery. Every day I recommend PMVA to others. I would tell others" Stop being a disbeliever and try it for a few weeks...then you will know it worth every penny and gives the greatest peace of mind. Have no fear PMVA is here!


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