J. Montes

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Diagnosed: 2008


I began taking Poly-MVA Nov 2008. I was put on the Quality of Life Study in March 2009. I am a 48 year old/ young metastatic cancer patient. The PolyMVA had made a significant difference in the treatment of my diagnosis. I have gone through chemotherapy and radiation. My doctors suggested I go off the PolyMVA for fear of interference and/or interaction between the two therapies.

I stayed off for two weeds. Big mistake. My energy plummeted. I was lethargic and tired do to the conventional therapies. Once I resumed the PolyMVA it turned things around again. I feel more alive and energetic taking the PolyMVA. And I continue to feel good because of the PolyMVA. It is the only substance to date that has improved the quality of my life. I don't know what I will do without it.

Thank you AMARC for the study I was on. Because for me I know without a doubt it works.

J. Montes

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