Marylin Clark-Koenig

Diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage 3.3 Breast Cancer

Date: March 14, 2005

Address:801 Los Tavis Way, Boulder City, Nevada 89005



Testimony Concerning My Use of Poly-MVA

April 2004, at the age of 68, I entered a large imaging center for a routine mammogram with the same apprehension most women feel until we receive the all-clear report.

I was told to wait and not to dress after the mammogram as the radiologist might want more views.

The wave of anxiety jolted me like an electric shock, and I steeled myself for the worst. An ultrasound was done immediately and the technician called for the doctor who looked at the images and exclaimed as if I were not there:
"It doesn't look like a cyst to me. I am most concerned with the shadow area."

His words seared like a shot in the night beyond my physical being and seemed to pierce my very soul.
There and then I knew what I feared most. Cancer!

The recommended surgeon said I would need a "cut biopsy." My request for a sentinel node biopsy was denied for reasons I can't recall. The growth was small so it was removed entirely during the biopsy procedure.

A week later,
I received a call telling me it was indeed a malignant growth, and I would need further surgery to explore the "shadow" area and a wide-angle lymph incision. The surgeon said I would have to agree to five weeks of beam radiation of the left breast after surgery.

I declined radiation and advised the surgeon that I also wanted another opinion. He then said it would be malpractice for him to do the surgery without my consent for radiation. I was promptly "fired" by the surgeon.

I asked for the pathology and operative reports and to my horror the words
"Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with margin involvement...tumor grade 3.3," drove me to an emotional depth of despair and fear that I had never known.

Literally, I felt mummified for three days and nights, fearing the conventional treatments more than death.

The next eight days were spent at my computer
12 to 14 hours a day typing words into the Google search engine related to alternative cancer treatments.

There were over 2000 sites. I prayed for guidance, begging God to help me. I could not choose herbs, teas, or Indian tree bark.

"Isn't there some alternative with a scientific basis somewhere out there," I kept asking myself over and over again.
Finally, on the sixth night, POLY-MVA came on the screen.

I read about Dr. Garnett, the inventor of POLY-MVA and how he was determined to restore the normal, rather than poison the abnormal. I learned that Poly-MVA only targets the cancer cells ......With those words, hope was born for me and replaced the abject fear if not terror.

God knows
I had had my fill of the poisoning aspects of conventional cancer treatments, initially as a teenager watching my father die a slow and agonizing death from cancer. Years later, I lost a dear friend to breast cancer. Her ordeal was so horrendous with radiation that her spinal cord swelled and she suffered what no human should ever have to endure. She literally died from the conventional treatments. The memories of both victims were still fresh. I had had enough of the cut and burn theory that gives no guarantees.

Relief abounded when I read that
Poly-MVA contains a natural, nontoxic anti-cancer agent. The basic science was there, the testimonies were impressive and numerous, and the clinical science was well underway. My decision was made.

When relatives and friends learned of my decision to take a road less traveled, an alternative treatment, the pressure of their fears and tears was overwhelming. We found a place on the Oregon Coast and "hide out" for three months. We called it the Poly retreat.

Our focus centered on an all-natural diet as well as feeding the spirit with meditation, visualization and relaxation tapes. I learned from my Internet search on alternative sites that cancer was indeed fueled by sugar.
I took sugar out of my diet completely.

I followed the four corners plan, supplementing with a liver cleanser, a pH moderator, an immune function enhancer and, most importantly, Coenzyme Q10. The CoQ10 significantly enhances the active complex in Poly-MVA.

I don't believe there is another product in this world that has a support service as we do with Poly. Gary and Tim Matson held my hand with encouragement through the many months, and provided information that enabled me to keep learning about Poly. I did not have a good computer connection in Oregon so Gary sent me all the testimonies and other valuable information such as the fabulous book on Poly authored by Dr. Milne of Las Vegas.

Each night, I fell asleep reading Mark Olsztyn's and Gracie Todorczuk's
testimonies and almost memorized Dr. Milne's book.
They gave me strength and commitment to keep on keeping on. Without the support available, I might have succumbed to outside pressures. I knew I was only a phone call away from guidance and that provided peace on my journey to wellness.

September 2004 came quickly it seemed, and we returned home to Nevada. Though feeling well, I did not know if Poly-MVA worked for me. Having been fired by the doctor, where could I go now? How could I get the tests necessary to monitor my progress? I had then completed four months on this product. Where to turn next...

Gary Matson, the senior consultant for the Poly organization, had introduced me via e-mail to another Nevadan. She called the foremost breast surgeon in Las Vegas with impeccable credentials and begged him to take me as a patient. They were good friends. This doctor was kind, but asked me if I knew that Poly did not have FDA approval. (In fact, Poly-MVA is a supplement, not a drug, but I chose not to begin my relationship with this doctor by getting into a discussion about the regulatory status of Poly-MVA.)

He dismissed my alternative information, and did an immediate mammogram.
In his belief system, he could not conceive that I did not have active cancer. To my amazement, he did attest that I did not lose any traction over a six-month period and the lymph nodes felt OK. "You are lucky because you are no worse."

He advised that another, less invasive, surgery called Mammosite was necessary. "I will clean out the area by doing a partial mastectomy and a balloon will be placed in the area and you will have only targeted minimal radiation to that precise area for 5 days 10 minutes twice a day. A special machine will place a radiation seed into the balloon area only, not radiating the entire breast."

This sounded so much better than the plan of the first surgeon. Certainly, I was relieved that the Poly worked in the sense that I was no worse but even I now believed I still had cancer.

The surgery was performed November 9, 2004 almost six months to the day after the first biopsy. By this time I had taken Poly-MVA for 5 months. The sentinel node biopsy was negative and the Mammosite surgery was completed.

Three days later, the biopsy of the breast tissue excised from the partial mastectomy was returned with a lengthy report from the pathologists.
It was obvious by the length and description of the report that they looked long and hard to find the cancer that in their opinion had not been treated for the past six months.


"What had happened to the shadow in the infiltrating area," I asked myself. The GRADE 3.3 TUMOR should have spread by now. I was in shock and could not immediately feel anything.

I had a balloon in place with tubes hanging from my breast ready for the 5 days of targeted radiation. I asked my breast surgeon, who had been so accommodating to see a patient on an alternative therapy, "Why do I need radiation if the cancer is gone?"

He replied, "This way, it will never come back. Just do it, Marylin."

I did have the five days of targeted radiation; it was not a big deal after all. The balloon and tubes were then removed.

With the realization that I did not need the second surgery nor the radiation, I decided to put this experience behind me. While my surgeon would not let me discuss the Poly with him, prior to my radiation treatments, the radiation oncologist did amaze me.

She is a vibrant young doctor with a warm manner toward patients. Following her down a long and narrow hall, we passed about 9 patients obviously at various stages in their treatments.
Four had their heads covered and all looked down at the floor when I passed. Chills ran down my spine.

Ushered into a small office, the oncologist closed the door behind her and whispered, "Marylin, what did you do...did you take herbs?" I then proceeded to tell her about Poly-MVA. She did not comment but smiled in a gracious manner.

The next day, I dropped off a package about Poly for her information. Last week, eleven months since the ominous mammogram, I saw this oncologist again for a checkup. She examined me and said,
"You are doing just fine. You don't have to return to see me for six months." I received a gentle touch on my shoulder and a broad smile.

The recommendation for those in remission is 1 teaspoon a day of Poly. I am choosing to stay on 3 teaspoon a day as well as
The Four Corners Protocol and
maintain our commitment to an organic diet.
My pathology reports before and
after are available to interested parties. I can be contacted at:



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