Odette Gaud

Azores, Pico Island, Portugal

Diagnosed: December 2, 2003

Diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast

Phone: 011 351 292 655 209




Conventional Therapy: Lumpectomy refused all further conventional treatment
Started Poly-MVA April 2004 and is now in remission and following maintenance dosage.

My Story

How I hope I have beat Cancer and enriched my life for the better.

Hi my name is Odette Gaud,
I am 36 yrs old and I have 2 wonderful kids a 7yr old boy and a 3yr old girl. My partner and I live in the Azores, Pico Island Portugal. My nightmare began in June of 2002.

The story I am about to tell you could very well be a soap Opera, but it is all very true.

In June 2002 we moved to the Azores from Cape Town South Africa. This was done against my will. My folks and friends were left behind. I could not speak Portuguese and I did not understand or even like the culture and I knew nobody. I hated it. Needless to say that for the entire first year of my being here I cried and cried.

In November 2003 I went to the gynecologist for my yearly check up and a check up on the lump that I had carried around with me since the birth of my son.
A needle biopsy told me that the lump was not cancerous. HOW WRONG COULD I BE? The Doctor just wanted to make sure so he advised me to have a mammogram, which I did. The Doctor told me that the results were suspicious. I went home in a state and I knew that I was going to follow his advice and have the dam thing cut out. I did this against Graemes advice, but I was listening to nobody. On 2 December I went into hospital and had a lumpectomy. On the 15 December I got a call to go to the hospital and I received my results.


This had spread past the actual sample that was cut out and used for a diagnosis. His advice, we have no time to waste.
The breast has to be chopped the lymph nodes have to be removed to see if it has spread to other regions. Once he had disfigured me and cut away my feminine parts, he then suggested huge doses of chemo and then radiation. With all this information he sent me home and he would wait for my decision.

I have come to realize that the doctors of this world know only that which they have been taught at University.
NO THINKING AS INDIVIDUALS ONLY PUPPETS ON A STRING kind of thinking. Please don't misconstrue my words. I believe you need a doctor to fix appendicitis or fix a broken leg. They believe that to fix a problem they have to get the problem out. The most important fact I have learnt about alternative and holistic approaches to curing diseases, DON'T REMOVE THE PROBLEM - FIX IT, NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES.

My nightmare had begun. But little did I know that huge miracles were awaiting me.

The first in a series of events to unfold which would change my life forever, was when a guy from New York knocked on my door, in the middle of the Atlantic, don't forget on an Island that hardly anybody in the world knows about. He was looking for property in the Azores to set up a little health farm.
He was a naturopath. We just happen to sell property here too. Not very successfully but we try. We told him what had happened to me and he spent 3 days with me explaining to me what had to be done to change my blood work to a clean slate.

He gave me a protocol, but we were so broke that I could not afford to buy the supplements and stuff on his list. Not only was I penniless but the Azores never had a single health shop on its shores. To make matters even worse I had to consume this raw fresh diet of green Vegetables.
All that was available to me was cabbage, wild spinach and parsley. At of course exorbitant price. I would have to get all my supplements from USA. No money meant no medicines. BUT HE OPENED MY EYES. HE WALKED INTO MY LIFE WHEN I NEEDED A DIFFERENT WAY OF THINKING. The most amazing thing that he did was to take a blood drop and put it on a microscope slide let it dry and he was able to tell me exactly what was happening internally to me. We soon discovered that due to amalgam fillings and a silent infection in one of my root canals and of course the fact that my immune system was non existent from all the stress of immigrating. I had cancer.

I cannot find the words to explain to you
the panic, the tears, the thoughts of dying, of leaving my kids to grow up by themselves, the panic attacks and probably the worst, the stress it created between my partner and me. I told my doctor to please give me until February 2004 to make up my mind as to what I wanted to do. He also told me that my chances of survival after doing all of the conventional approach was 50/50. I also did not really understand how and what kind of diagnoses I had. All I knew was that I had breast cancer, I did not know anything else, as I could not really understand what the Dr. was telling me. Little did I know that doctors love to use scare tactics on their patients to push them to make a decision. This was what made me fire my doctors. I decided to take responsibility for my health.

Once I had made my decision my stress was made worse by my wonderful caring family back home sitting on the phone spending a fortune trying to get me to change my mind. It almost worked.
But I soon realized that they were just very scared for me and the only way they could make themselves feel better was to try and get me to do the conventional thing that everybody else does. Even if this way led in most cases down the line to death.

I have made everybody around me see things differently. They still think I am crazy especially the people living on my island. But most importantly
I withstood the storm and have even got a few people coming up to me to ask me about how I did it. That for me is a success.

This began my crusade to knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Internet.
I would spend at least 5 to 6 hours a night on the net. I hooked up with so many wonderful people and groups. I just needed to know that if I decided to go the natural way I had to know how to do this. I spent so much time on the Internet that I basically bankrupted us. I would get a phone bill of two to three hundred Euro a month. This is not too serious if you are earning Euros. We were not. We were still living on the very poor South African Rand, which was 12 to 1 at the time. This also meant that I could not get my medicines. To add to the stress Richard the Naturopath from New York took another blood test and he told me that the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and to my uterus.

To start the healing process,
I had to clean up my mouth. Rid them of amalgams and get rid of the infected root canal. Once this was done Richard could immediately see the difference in my blood sample. I also had to drink 32 oz of green vegetable juice and eat raw live foods. I could not do this! I cheated from almost day one. I new if I did not follow this a painful death was the final outcome???.

But I was still in store for some huge surprises.
We had no cash. As I tried to educate myself, I stumbled upon Bill Hendersons web page. I asked him to help me put together a protocol that cost very little cash. He then informed me that he had just interviewed a gentleman by the name of Al Sanchez. Al Sanchez was supplying Poly MVA as part of the research he was conducting.

Bill Henderson gave me contact numbers and before I new it I was part of the tests being conducted on POLYMVA.
For me this was a blessing as I would never have been able to afford it as a single bottle of POLYMVA cost at that time $300 dollars, and this for only one 8 oz bottle. For one month I needed 5 bottles. I also became part of the POLYMVA support group. And I found out about the 4 corners Protocol.

Needless to say it took me ages to get my protocol together with a lot of help from a lot a wonderful people. But it happened.

Every single tablet has a function within my body. I spent months researching and reading articles as to what the body needs to be balanced. I sort of hope that the balance is a good balance. I often made my decisions based on other peoples opinions. I tried it out and if it did not feel great skipped the supplement.
This really was a game of trial and error.

I took the intense protocol everyday for 3 weeks without chewing a morsel of food. I chose not to eat solid foods so as to allow the pancreas to rest and manufacture enzymes so that these enzymes could repair the damaged tissue that had been damaged by the cancer. This was the hardest 3 weeks of my life. I LOVE FOOD. When the 3 weeks were over it had paid off. I will always maintain a diet of NO SUGAR.

When I eat cooked foods it is always steamed vegetables a wholesome plate of broccoli, cabbage, corn a baked potato with olive oil dressing and lemon juice some peas and beans. During the summer it is a lot of salads my favorite salad once a month is sliced organic chicken salad with heaps of fried onions and garlic. Always use extra virgin olive oil. This is my treat for sticking to a no sugar, no meat, no salt, no diary and no white flour diet.
In regards to the supplements I will always take the Poly-mva and the 4 corners protocol (finances allowing) but to take all the other supplements on a daily basis is very sore on the throat so I relax and take the other supplements about three to four times a week and not daily. The 4 corners protocol consists of MGN-3, CO-Q10, CORAL CALCIUM, LIVER EXTREME AND MOST IMPORTANTLY POLY-MVA.

The idea behind this protocol is
firstly to boost the immune system, to alkalize the body and very importantly to help the liver rid itself of the toxins produced by the die off of cancer cells. And of course to kill the cancer cells and return the damaged DNA to healthy DNA. The rest of the supplements I take are just to balance the body and make sure everything functions right.

I have given up feeling guilty about the way I eat. The stress of worrying about my food intake was worse than the stress I experienced when told I had cancer. I have forgiven myself for being sometimes weak. I enjoy my stolen moments of bliss.

The Wonderful result is that I have brought my tumor markers CA15.3 down to 19.09 and my CEA27. 0 down to 0.61.
These are all very normal readings.

The hardest part for me is to maintain the diet of raw food and juices. As soon as I don't stick to a good diet I start getting pain on my right hand side by the rib cage. This immediately tells me that my liver is having a hard time dealing with all the garbage I am eating.

Another part of my healing was being able to forgive and let go.
I had to clear my inner thoughts that were in turmoil. I had to learn to love the island I lived on, and forgive Graeme for bringing me here. I had to learn how to enjoy my kids I had to learn how to simply enjoy life. That was perhaps one of my hardest lessons to learn.

Cancer for me has been a very positive and rewarding experience. I have learnt a lot and I am really so positive nowadays about my life. For the first time in years I am able to look forward to the future, to know without doubt that I am capable of doing anything that I set my mind to. I have met so many great and wonderful people who are doing what I am doing. When I needed support it was my friends on the net that got me through a bad patch.

I know that the greatest test is still ahead of me, I also know that if I died tomorrow I won't be sorry. I have lived on the edge. And that for me was so much better than living in the confines of what a brain washed society dictates.
I felt alive and that for me was so much more divine than being half-alive with no cancer.


TEL: 00 351 292 655 209
MOBIL: 00 351 918961188

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