Rhonda Apperson

Date: June 19, 2001

Subject: Breast Cancer w/ mets. to Lungs


Rhonda's Testimonial

Dear Mr. Matson,

Following our telephone conversation of last night I began thinking about my struggle with breast cancer from the beginning. When I first learned I definitely had breast cancer I was devastated and felt so alone.
I wondered how I could, as a single mother, tell my 3 children and try to keep my composure. Because in my heart I knew I intended to fight for my life.

My cancer had been diagnosed by the oncologist at a Richmond, Va. Hospital and he recommended chemotherapy and radiation...
I went for three rounds of chemotherapy when my hair started falling out, my teeth started to loosen and fall out and I was so nauseated, I decided I just couldn't go ahead with it. However, despite all the side effects from chemotherapy, my cancer had stopped growing.

In the spring of 1999, however, the cancer returned. My breast became feverish and it became painful. But I had decided no more chemotherapy and told my friend and boss Capt. Frank Manson that I was not taking anymore chemo. Capt. Manson said he would not permit me to just let my life go that way. He had a friend, Dr.John Stauch in Atmandale Va., who had some success with alternative therapies and arranged for me to see him. Dr. Stauch gave me a thermogram and found my breast covered with cancer, he said I was in the final stages but he believed he could arrest it. So, I agreed to give Dr. Stauch's alternatives a trial and miraculously they worked for about 18 months. But my cancer refused to give up and I could tell it was coming back.

My symptoms were the same and now I was coughing up grey sputun. I went back to the Richmond oncologist who gave me another MRI.
He found the cancer had metastasized to my lungs. The cancer had wrapped around the two top ribs of my left lung. He also found the mass of cancer cells covered my entire left breast.

Your cancer has returned with "full fury", he said. You need chemo and radiation immediately. I pleaded for time. "Give me 8 weeks," I said and "if I don't improve I promise to try chemo once more."

Meanwhile I had heard of POLY-MVA from a naturopath friend in Rice, Washington, an expert in herbs. He recommended I download www.polymvasurvivors.com from the internet and try it. I did.

Within 48 hours I could tell POLY-MVA was helping. After 8 weeks of doing as I was instructed by the protocol, I went back to the Richmond oncologist.

He found, after another MRI, that my lung cancer had disappeared and the mass covering my breast was now divided into 6 small tumors. "What have you done," the oncologist asked. I told him POLY-MVA, and no other medications. He was astonished and wanted the details which I provided.

Four weeks later I returned to the same Richmond oncologist for a check up.
He found my breast cancer was now reduced to 4 tumors and that is where I am at the moment. In contrast with the dreaded chemotherapy side effects of severe nausea, I have had absolutely no side effects from Poly-MVA. Only positive things, more energy, feeling much better as the cancer cells vanish.

I strongly recommend POLY-MVA to anyone with breast cancer. It surely is working for me and this is
my third bout with breast cancer following my original diagnosis in 1997 by the Richmond Oncologist who had warned that I had a short life expectancy.

Being a nurse who had treated a number of cancer patients
I knew the oncologist had it right unless I could find an alternative which would work for me. Providentially, POLY-MVA is my miracle worker. I am also taking Clodronate to help prevent cancer from spreading to my bones. You have my permission to use this letter so others such as myself may benefit.

P.S. Now with God's will and the Poly-MVA I have new hope that I will get to see my Granddaughter, Casey, grow up.

Yours faithfully

Rhonda Apperson

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