Name: Sitha Pina

Subject: Breast Cancer

Aruba, Dutch Caribbean


Date: January 11, 2003

My name is Sitha. And this is my testimony. In 1987, I felt a lump in my right breast. I didnít think twice and I called my sister who was working then at the hospital. She came and said that if I wanted to be sure I better go to my doctor. I did go. I had a mammogram and they could not see anything.
They said that I was nervous, well why not; someone I knew died of breast cancer.

But it was a year later, in 1988, which everything started. I went to another doctor, because the lump was still there and in my opinion it was larger. The doctor took a look at the mammogram and said that there really was nothing. But went in for an echo and still they didnít see anything till I really showed them where I felt it and then the doctor said that there is something. So the next day I was in the hospital to have it removed.
The doctor came in later and I knew by seeing his face that it was cancer.

The next day I left the hospital with stitches and all. I began working on my papers to go for medical treatment in Holland. Within a week I was there with my husband and two daughters. I waited for three weeks before the operation
I didnít have my breast removed but a lumpectomy. I had radiation afterwards for 5 weeks.

10 years later the cancer was back again. I had chemotherapy in Aruba and then in 1999 they removed my breast. In 2001 I was in Holland for radiation and a treatment they called ďhypothermiaĒ. Itís a treatment with hot water (41 C) where my breast used to be.

At the end of 2001 the cancer showed up in my hip. I couldnít walk that good. So I had ten days of radiation on my hip and back. It has been a year and I feel good. Every six months I do a blood test to see if the tumor is growing again. In the middle of 2002 my cancer tumor marker in my blood shot up to 137. Normal is 25. The oncologists scheduled me for more operations.

Fearing a fourth fight with cancer and not wanting any more chemo or operations my husband and I consulted Dr. Viana at the Viana Natural Healing Center here in Aruba.
Dr. Viana started me on their cancer treatment program that includes a strict diet and Poly-MVA.

I stayed strictly on Dr. Vianaís treatment plan and
two months later, three days before my scheduled treatments were to start, I asked my oncologist to check my tumor marker again. My oncologist could not believe the results Ė less than 25!

I have to say, using Poly-MVA the way it was recommended by my doctor did and still is doing wonders for me.
I believed that Dr. Vianaís treatment program that includes Poly-MVA has helped me. Besides, the tumor marker blood test says it all. In my struggle, these years, with cancer I never give up hope and feel it is important to stay positive. Most of the time, I donít even think about it. Now I am able to do everything and live a normal life. Iím a schoolteacher that loves her job and I donít want to miss a day of teaching if I can help it.

Keep your faith up and remember, ďWhen one door closes another one will openĒ.

Sitha Pina

Kudawecha 27-A, Noord

Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

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