Name: Janis Bell

Diagnosis: Chronic Fatique

Date: August 6, 2002




from Janis Bell, Ph.D., RYT, Dipl. Bal., B.N.
Holistic Practitioner

I started Poly-mva last July (2001) when I was extremely weak and fatigued. I had spent a week at a hospital in Tijuana receiving intravenous nutrition and medication to clean up my blood, and left with active phagocytosis and pretty healthy-looking blood. Nevertheless, something in the treatment left me feeling so depleted and exhausted that I could barely eat, had to lie down for 30 minutes after every meal, and could not get my bowels to move. I ordered a cellular energy profile through GSDL, a test that measures urinary metabolites of glycolis and Krebs cycle activity. The test results showed that I had barely enough energy to stay alive -- pyruvic acid and alpha-ketoglutaric acid levels were too low to be detected! Knowing that alpha-lipoic acid was necessary to support the mitochrondria, I started taking poly-mva at the loading dose.

At the end of 3 days on the poly-mva, I experienced a tremendous improvement. I had enough energy to eat and digest my food. I started feeling some stress from simple activities-- a sure sign that steroid hormone synthesis was improving. I had lots of abdominal discomforts the first week and thought it was probably due to some healing and die-off in the g.i. tract, since I have an intestinal parasite (a sporazoa), and the literature on Poly-mva notes that it has caused apoptosis in protozoa. These symptoms went away after a week and I actually started to crave the taste of the poly. I found myself swishing it around in my mouth to maximize the rapid absorption into the bloodstream. My body knows what is good for it!

Then I did an experiment.
I took myself down to a lower dose of poly for 5 days (only 2 tsp), replacing it with a transdermal alpha-lipoic acid that was not complexed with palladium. All my symptoms started to come back -- fatigue, bloating, depression. As soon as I returned to a higher dose (6 tsp), my energy returned, my mood was elevated, and my digestion and elimination started working better. It is quite a miraculous product.

When I did my next CBC about 3 months later, my cholesterol was up from 110 to 189.. I'd had low levels like this for years and years, always hearing from my allopathic MD's "You don't have to worry about high cholesterol!" But 110 is an unhealthy low level of cholesterol, which is the foundation for all your steroid hormones. Without adequate cholesterol, the body cannot make enough adrenal and sex hormones to have a balanced endocrine system. And cholesterol is also needed to repair cell membranes from oxidative damage. So this was a great sign to me that my body was healing rapidly, and I have found out from others on the poly-mva discussion list that their cholesterol levels have normalized -- those with low cholesterol have come up to optimal levels, those with high cholesterol have come down. Now the challenge is for Dr. Garnett and other researchers to figure out what mechanism is responsible for this. Other liver detoxification protocols that I followed in the past did not produce these dramatic results so I suspect it is not merely a consequence of alpha-lipoic acid and heavy metal detoxification.

About 3 months after this, I repeated the cellular energy profile, and
found a substantial improvement in my cellular energy -- about 500%. I still was not in the normal range, but I now had measurable levels of glycolosis and Kreb's cycle metabolites and was moving in the right direction.


After about 8 months, I started to feel diminishing returns from the poly-mva, and have since been taking medications and products to bring thryoid and adrenal hormone levels into the optimal range. I intend to repeat the cellular energy profile again this month, and will probably return to the poly-mva again to see what impact it has at a higher level of ATP production.

Janis Bell
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