Name: Kay Wilder

Diagnosis: Candida/Chronic Fatique

Date: August 1, 2002



After suffering with intestional Candida I elected to add Poly MVA to my current list of treatment AS WELL as Transfer Factor Plus. Chronic Fatique is a result of Candida and something I have struggled with all my life. I have seen 15 doctors to no avail. I was always tired before Poly MVA and Transfer Plus. Now I have a steady energy flow for the entire day. I currently take 1/2 tsp. AM, 1/2tsp Noon.

I began with the full complement
(8 tsp. per day) of Poly MVA for 10 weeks. Then cut back to 2 tsp. a day with 2 Transfer Plus caps for a couple of weeks.

Considering I have fought this problem all of my life, I would have to say if you keep a strict diet eliminating "
Sugars and Wheat" you may do well also. These are REAL KILLERS to any success in overcoming this problem. Poly and Transfer Plus will do you no good if you insist upon eating sugar, wheat and a high carb diet that turns to sugar.

I also, believe in reading Hulda Clark's "A Cure for All Disease". I did her parasite cleanse, liver cleanse and kidney cleanse and I keep up the parasite maintenance weekly program. I know for me it keeps the "gastritis problem" to a dull memory. I would also stress "
wheat grass tablets" 4 before each meal. This keeps the blood sugar balanced and also gives energy.

Kay Wilder

UPDATE: 1-27-2004
Hello Tim,

Here is my update:

 I am taking my 1/4 tsp. of Poly everyday and feeling wonderful.
Using "Garden of Life" Primal Defense (acidophlis) daily.
Also, taking one of their multiple vitamins a day.
Taking 4 wheatgrass tablets with each meal and Coral Calcium.
Drinking a fruit smoothie and a vegi drink everyday.
Eating more vegetables than meat.
Making lots of soups with potatoes, chicken and turkey.
Try to have broth daily.

Our tap water in Tallahassee is good. No longer buying distilled water here, however, definitely buying when I travel. So, the bottom line is: With the Poly I am taking 2/3's less vitamin products than before. Therefore, the savings pays for the minimal dose of POLY. Remembering that, initially, I went on the full "Cancer" dosage for 10 weeks dropping down to 1tsp a day, to 1/2 and now 1/4. Thank you as always.
It is wonderful to have "energy and health" after all these years of feeling physically trashed.

Kay Wilder
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