Name: Tralece Sohrabi

Diagnosis: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma with mets to brain & central nervous system

Date: October 15, 2006

Address: Bethany, Oklahoma




Introduction to this story:
I just received the testimony this weekend and wanted to share it will all of you.
Dr. Mary Schrick has vouched for the truthfulness of this wonderful story. Robbie asked me if he might express his faith journey freely. I told him yes, because it is an important part of their story. I wish that the loving care he and his wife received were always the case where different religions collide. I realize that not everyone reading this has the same belief system. Whatever our spiritual beliefs, I know that we all agree that a spiritual connection is a very important ingredient in the healing of our bodies, minds and souls.

Date: October 15, 2006

My name is
Fakhroddin Sohrabi (Husband) and since it is hard for most Americans to pronounce, I go by “Robbi.” I am 59 years old and was born and raised in the Islamic country of Iran. At an early age, I started practicing the Muslim religion and developed a strong faith in God. In August of 1970, I came to America to pursue higher education and ended up at Bethany Nazarene College where God wanted me to meet one of his beautiful angels named Tralece, who became my wife in September of 1971.

As I grew older,
I started studying other religions and it was not clear to me which one was true. I kept searching, and about 2 years ago I had a very vivid dream or vision where Christ in all His radiance appeared to me. I felt it was a sign to me that Christ was very real. I started praying more and more – asking God to guide me in what I believed about Him and to lead me in the right way.

In 2004 my wife started volunteering more at the church, and I would also visit the church occasionally with her. Tralece’s Sunday School class also warmly welcomed me to their functions, but were not pushy. I knew family and friends were praying for me.
Then Tralece started having some health problems in September of last year. And when she fainted in the shower on December 24th, I took her to Deaconess Hospital Emergency.

Within an hour the
Doctor came and told me that the CAT scan shows a mass has covered her left side of brain and the pressure causing all the problems that she had, which was nausea, headache, loss of memory, loss of vision and control of her right arm and leg.

She was transferred to Midwest Regional Medical Center to be cared for by a Neurologist.
In January 15, 2006 she was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma T-Cell type brain cancer on central nerves system of her left side of the brain.

Since we had Exceptionally great results on all the products by Dr. Mary Schrick,
we decided to start POLY MVA and natural products to treat my wife. Unfortunately she got nauseated and we had to take her to the hospital. After 3 months of treatment by Doctors and Poly she did not get any better due to chemo. On April 12, 2006 her condition got worse and on top of all the above problems she stopped breathing.

The Emergency group came to the hospital room and started their procedures to revive her and three times the doctor said we lost her. I knew in my heart that the Lord is not going to let her go. She made it and they took her for cat scan to see what was going on in her brain. It was more swelling that caused her problems. She was in ICU for two and half weeks and she lost all her energy and her muscles were so weak that she could not move or do anything. I asked our Doctor to stop all chemo and other medications and started her on full string Poly MVA.

After a week of Poly she was out of wheelchair and getting normal.
To the surprise of all the Doctors and Nurses that treated her, she was alive. If we did not start her on Poly, she would not be here today.

Since Poly treatment in April, she has had two MRI and both were cancer free. Praise the Lord that guided us to Dr. Mary and special thank to Dr. Sanchez who has done exceptionally great job coming up with Poly.

Throughout these past five months of great pain and suffering and multiple trips to the Emergency Room and hospital, I felt God’s presence with me and His signs were all around me. I couldn’t believe all the love we were receiving. We had a Christian nurse who would often pray with us when Tralece was in the hospital. Pastor Phil Hause was so caring and supportive.
It wasn’t so much what people said but what they did that helped me discover that Christianity was true.

Then on May 1st Rev. Gene Hulsey came to see my wife for the second time in the hospital. He talked with us and before praying for my wife, he asked me if I wanted to give my heart to our Lord Jesus and I said yes. Since we prayed together, my life has completely changed. I have felt joy, comfort and peace that I have never experienced in all my life.

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