Name: Vaughn Christensen

Diagnosis: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Date: January, 1998



Vaughn's Testimonial

"While driving down the road, my right arm and hand went numb. I couldn't think of the name of the song on the radio, but I knew I had seen it before."

These words were the first sign that something was amiss in Vaughn's brain.
A MRI in January 1998 showed four tumors around Vaughn's left ear, the portion of the brain which controls speech. A brain biopsy revealed primary CNS non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The disease had manifested in the brain; it had not mestastasized from elsewhere in the body-a rare condition.

The first half of 1998 was consumed by a grueling regime of chemotherapy - IV methotrexate, vincristine, and procarbazine, plus an Ommaya reservoir implanted in the skull to deliver direct-brain methotrexate.

The treatment protocol then called for
45 Gy of whole-brain radiation, administered over a five-week period. Fearful of this treatment, we consulted with several doctors, all of whom stated that the radiation was necessary to prevent the tumors from returning. Reluctantly, we followed the protocol.

But the tumors returned anyway. In June 2000 six more showed up. Vaughn underwent five months of Temodar chemotherapy, but when his blood counts dropped too low, he quit.

For two years I had been investigating alternative cancer therapies. Most didn't feel right. For example, one therapy called for the ingestion of a chemical that was originally created for jet rocket fuel! But when I read about Poly MVA, I got excited. It made sense. Not only had it been first developed for the treatment of brain tumors, but it was natural and safe.

Vaughn has been on Poly since May 2001. MRIs reveal that most of his tumors are gone, and others are gradually shrinking-something which never happened during the traditional treatment protocol.

Had we discovered Poly MVA sooner, Vaughn would never have undergone the whole-brain radiation, which took a toll on his cognitive functioning. As a computer programmer, he is still able to work, but he is considerably slower.

Nevertheless, Vaughn is well, happy, and lives a normal life. He takes 1 teaspoon of Poly a day, eats a healthy diet, exercises, and stays positive. Rather than nervously waiting for the tumors to return (which is common for lymphoma), then defending against them, Vaughn is taking an offensive approach by taking the Poly MVA. We are very grateful for it, and would be happy to respond to your questions. Please write .

UPDATE: February 21, 2004

Vaughn has been on Poly since May 2001. His last MRI in October 2003 showed four remaining tumors. They are neither growing nor shrinking, and the physicians believe they are now calcified and stable. Vaughn feels excellent. He eats nutritious homemade meals, takes daily vitamins, walks four or five days a week, and takes a maintenance dose of ½ teaspoon of Poly per day. He was initially given a 20% chance of living five years. We are happy to report that he just passed the six-year mark!

Had we discovered Poly MVA sooner, Vaughn would never have undergone the whole-brain radiation, which took a toll on his cognitive functioning. Nevertheless, we are very grateful for the Poly now. It enables us to be on the offensive against this terrible disease. We would be happy to correspond with you and answer your questions. Please email

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