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Poly-MVA Testimonials
Currently, there are over 15 Different Types of Cancer with Testimonials
The positive effects of Poly MVA are still being researched, but for some, Poly MVA has been a significant factor in reversing or preventing the progression of various types of Cancer, like prostate, breast, brain, lung and colon. Patients suffering from various metastatic Stage 4 Cancers have been reporting the benefits of this alternative/integrative cancer treatment for almost 20 years.

Carefully read the testimonials found below to evaluate if Poly MVA may be an appropriate option for you or your loved one to consider as an Integrative adjunct therapy to Chemotherapy and Radiation or as a stand alone Alternative therapy. As cancer research develops day by day, the need for products, like Poly MVA, that promote cancer prevention while minimizing the toxic side effects of conventional cancer treatments becomes more and more important.

 List of Cancer Patients and their Diagnosis date


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Diagnosis: January 2004
Marjorie Delin

Diagnosis: August 19, 1999
Nancy Farley


Diagnosis: Thanksgiving 2003
Jim Storc

Diagnosis: Dec.11, 2001
Josslyn McClung

Diagnosis: March 17, 1997
Mark Olsztyn


Diagnosis: February 9, 2017
Lynn Jones

Diagnosis: November 2000
June Black

Diagnosis: Spring of 1999
Olivia de Haulleville


Diagnosis: February 17, 2007
L. Jones

Diagnosis: June 3, 2003
Maureen Arnet


Diagnosis: May of 2001
Esther Oransky


Diagnosis: 2007
Terry Goodman

Diagnosis September 10, 2000
Brian Mullen - ALL

Diagnosis: 2007
WJ Perlmutter - CLL


Diagnosis: March 21, 2005
Freda Amway

Diagnosis: December of 2004
Ronny Rudley

Diagnosis: July 23, 2000
John Flint


Diagnosis: November 27, 2012
Ronald Sereny

Diagnosis: Summer 2009
Joanne Anspach


Diagnosis: August 17, 2008
Susan Lannoye

Diagnosis: March 15, 2012
James Swelgin

Diagnosis: June 25, 2005
Janice Barsby


Diagnosis: October 2005
Chase Bockhahn

Diagnosis: January of 2000
Anel Nieto


Diagnosis: April 17, 2008
* Wanda M.
(Also Uterine/Ovarian)

Diagnosis: September 2007
Nancy B.


Diagnosis: August 2005
Khleber Van Zant


Diagnosis: 2008
Walter Davis

Diagnosis: Summer 2005
Brain L. Anderson

Diagnosis: July 4, 2003
Michael Muscari


Diagnosis: January 6, 2006
Judy Foester

Diagnosis: December 2003
John Fox


Diagnosis: November 2009
Ameena Meer

Diagnosis: 2005
C. Petrie



For Doctors and Patients

Oncologist touts the benefits of Poly-MVA(LAMC)


James Forsythe, MD, HMD

Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, NV


"The long-term positive impact I have seen in our clinic is quite astounding. Since 2004, we've performed 3 outcome studies in over 1700 patients with Poly-MVA(LAMC).


Poly-MVA provides a significant difference as a stand-alone or Integrative Protocol and also continues to show outstanding impact for each patient's success & overall health."

Stage IV Study -  1,000 Patients

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